We’ve Got Some Gardening Tips!

From Veggies to Flowers, We’ve Got Some Gardening Tips!

It’s finally springtime! And on some days, the weather actually feels like it!

You may be stir-crazy from staying indoors, but as you’ve surely heard on the news, you shouldn’t be out and about during a pandemic.

So, what to do with this pent-up energy?

Spring is the perfect time to plant the seeds for a vegetable garden.

If you’re planning to put your house on the market, a veggie garden gives your home a personal, charming feel. To some, the thought of starting a garden can be daunting. But potential buyers may see a garden ready for picking as an asset. Practical, meaningful additions like a garden can help buyers envision themselves living in your house, which of course, plants the seed that may move them to make an offer.

Eat Healthy!

But even if you have no intention of selling, start the garden for you and your family. When you eat what you grow, you know what’s in it. And the sense of satisfaction that comes from walking out to the garden in the evening to pick a tomato for your salad or herbs – such as cilantro for your chicken – is hard to overstate. Seeing the recent food shortages in grocery stores illustrates the wisdom of being even a little self-sufficient. Although shelves will eventually be re-stocked, not being completely dependent upon it would feel quite liberating. As an added benefit, you even get to save money on your grocery bills!

With gardening, though – as with most things in life – timing is everything. And the timing right now is perfect!

When to Get Started? NOW!

The Farmer’s Almanac states that April 8th is this year’s last frost in our area of Virginia. According to Better Homes and Gardens, the following vegetables should be planted 2 weeks after the last frost date—green beans, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, snow peas, sweet peppers, parsley, onion, basil, swiss chard or kale. They recommend caring for your summer harvest by using mulch, particularly around the tomatoes, to keep the soil moist and for fewer weeds. Put stakes or cages in place immediately after planting the tomatoes so the support is there when they sprout. The soil can be dry on top but not so dry that the plants wilt.

Growing your own veggies is an exercise in healthy eating. Making healthy choices for your diet can strengthen your immune system.

But a vegetable garden is only one garden option. You can add to your curb appeal with a flower garden border that compliments your house. With a great first impression, buyers will be in a buying frame of mind before they’ve even reached your door step!

Gardening can strengthen mental health, also. Studies have proven it to be a natural stress reliever.

Breathe in the fresh air, feel the sunshine, and remember to call A & N Title and Settlement in Exmore (757-442-3570) or Chincoteague (757-336-6611) to “Guide You Through the Closing Process!” next time you buy or sell a home.

Happy Spring from all of us at A&N Title and Settlement!

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